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Well, this journal is kinda late XD
Oh well, lets just pretend i just hit 1k and stuff i guess XD
Contest Topic: Climate Change/Global Warming/Pollution
I know, I know, sounds like a dopey subject, butt if the US's current president thinks its a 'hoax invented by the chinese', we gotta take other means to stop it.
Anything regarding the topic depicting its negative outcomes is qualified. The more creative, the more likely you are to win. So don't just go four the cliche 'OMG SAVE THE POLAR BEARS' (its still a major cause, but its everywhere). You can try bending WoF or OCs into it too. Examples: RainWings being pissed at deforestation, IceWings and the melting ice caps, SeaWings and the ocean's trash, etc.
Some argue that we're coming out of an ice age, and that explains the warming weather, butt dumping trash in the oceans definitely isn't a product of getting out of ice ages.
I'm leaving this contest a little broader so that you can do
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Spice up your life
1. Put Your itunes, windows media player etc on Shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name
stolen from Emberwhale
How would you describe yourself?:
La la la (Oh my XD)
What do you like in a guy/girl?: 
Uptown funk (They got to be funky! XD)
How do you feel today?: 
Sad Song
(Oh that's nice)
What is life's purpose?: 
Warrior (Got to fight? idk!)
What is your motto?: 
I believe I can fly
What do your friends think of you?: 
Love found me 
(what's that supposed to mean XD)
What do you think of your parents?:
7 things
(I guess I only think of 7 things about them)
What do you think about very often?:
(Victory. I must win XD)
what is 2 + 2?: 
Till the world ends
What do you think of your best friend?: 
This is war
(remember, life's purpose was to fight, and all I think about vi
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Oi none of your business
The Fav Stamp by Busiris

FNAF Spring Trap - divider by anineko

Hai my name is Kitty (my friends call me Springtrap.....sometimes) anyway with that said Hai welcome
I kinda like this chair -stamp by Leda456 I love fnaf regardless of what others say stamp by Stamp3Maker F2U: Animated FNAF Stamp by Beyond-theGrave Jacksepticeye: STICKY BOMB! by Oreleth Springtrap Fan Stamp by dorcis (ya think?) Bad Handwriting (Stamp) by ghoulr Always Tired (Stamp) by ghoulr Becoming A Jedi by ashesto Daydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Dark and Girly Stamp by StampMakerLKJ
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. by ashesto (I thought this was adorable. And it's true I don't care as long as you are nice to me, I will be nice to you back!)

FNAF Spring Trap - divider by anineko

Stuff I am waiting for,
Art trade TourmalineTiger
Participation award TourmalineTiger
No pressure for anyone just trying to keep track!

FNAF Spring Trap - divider by anineko

Stuff I need to finish,
Nothing! I'm gud.

If I am missing ANYTHING please just tell me, thank you ~Kitty X3
FNAF Spring Trap - divider by anineko

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:iconleda456: :iconxthedragonrebornx: :iconnegaduck9:
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Other stories
Same pricing as creepypasta
-no sexual content
A creepypasta
I will write a creepypasta for you
tell me which you want and pay through donation pool X3
-no sexual content
A Song
I write a song of your choice
-no sexual content please
animated icon
I will make a custom icon for you. simple. MacyGracie is the only one who is allowed to ask for a free one (that will actually get one) because they take AGES if they are the right one, especially from scratch. If you want one from scratch it is 40 points if you want a base 20 points pay through donation widget for base icon blink icons are 25 because they are simple even if from scratch thanks X3 ~kitty
a short comic strip
a short comic strip of your choice :3
Any picture but
-no sexual content
-and no strict mature blocks
Thank you
Full body
Same rules as with Halfbody drawings


(Kitty's POV)

It was quite obvious trap was beginning to warm up to me. He began to act different, less shy more... Hyperactive. He would wake me up in the mornings now. It started with shaking me awake and asking for breakfast, to full on jumping on me like a kid does with it's parents! To be perfectly honest, I was beginning to like him more the more time I spent with him. His annoying yet adorable personality just seemed to... Grow on you.

A couple of mouths after he asked if he could stay, he began his... Hug phase. Not joking, non stop hugs. Anywhere. Anytime. Cuddles McGee loved hugs. He was like a kitten or a puppy a lot of the time. After awhile trap started to sleep on the end of my bed like a cat. Which is ironic, seeing I'm a cat and he acts more like one than me.

(Springtrap's POV)

I love bacon. Kitty's bacon. She cooks bacon the goodest.

(Kitty's POV)

and now here we are. Present day. Sorry this was kinda short. I might make a second story or somethin' about what happened in between. After cuddles McGee left his hug phase (he still overly loves hugs) we became best friends. He started this annoying thing I call dog licks. It's exactly how it sounds. He licks me across the face, before runnin' to the other side of the building.

So well that's it for now at least. Might get trap to write something down after if ya want. For now... THE END

I love bacon :3 ~Springtrap
"Nice to meet you two I'm kitty," I said as kindly as possible. It was obvious they had been through a lot so I tried to be nice. 
"May I ask why you're here?" They both looked at me. They both had really big eyes. I don't know how big mine are. Are they really that big?
"It's a long story..." Springtrap finally answered. He explained everything. I listened to his story, it was just so sad. When the story was over Springtrap opened his mouth to speak.

(Springtrap's POV)

"is it ok if we stay for awhile?" I asked her. I was scared that my story had scared her. She looked at me, before she smiled and said, 
"sure! It'll be fun to have guests!"
That was probably the nicest thing anyone had said to me (who wasn't coral of course) in a long time.

A few days later we were beginning to get used to each other's presence. Kitty had introduced me to Lolliepop after we asked to stay. She looked like a delicious little mouse! And gullible too! Man, sometimes I do wish kitty wasn't around for awhile. Anyways, I still scared kitty when it was early morning (side note from Irl kitty: the AU ain't time based, the animatronics are always roaming in the fazbears fright location although early morning for them is likely evening for us.) I had my own room, Coral slept in lollipop's room, and kitty was in her own room of course. I began to act more like a friend less like a visitor the more and more time I spent around kitty...

                                      TO BE CONTINUED
The poor things looked awful! The poor green bunny collapsed at my feet. I quickly carried them inside before any humans could see.

A few hours later they were all clean, I just needed them to wake up. I cooked food bacon to be precise. The rabbit woke almost immediately once the smell hit him. (This is unsurprising now that I know him)

(Springtrap's POV)

I awoke to the smell of bacon. Mouthwatering bacon! I had never been so hungry in my afterlife! I rushed over to the table where the animatronic I saw yesterday put bacon on the table. "Morning sunshine" she said. I just stared at the bacon on the table. "Yes yes you can eat but save some for your friend."
I ate ravenously, (side note from kitty, his ravenous eating is even worse then his normal clutzy self!) I was just so hungry! I heard a Yelp coming from the other room. I saw the cat trying to calm down Coral. I quickly ran and comforted the poor critter.

(Kitty's POV)

The bunny came up and began to hug the little red bunny critter. She instantly calmed down. "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you little one," I said. 
"It's ok," she replied 
"May I ask your names?" I said to them both. They looked up at me. "Springtrap," The green bunny said.
"Coral," the little bunny said, still looking frightened.
"It's nice to meet you two I'm kitty," I replied.

                                      TO BE CONTINUED
Buncha friends doing friend things.
This is a picture of some of my friends! Let's tell you who they are

Kitty: Me
Springtrap: Springtrap (he's my plushie I go everywhere with him)
fallbonnie: (red and yellow bunny) - :iconazaleatherainwing:
Aurielius: (that out of place looking dragon) :iconmacygracie: 
Neo: (the black and white thing) - school friend we'll call him by his oc's name
Nish (Pron neesh) (the squirrel on the roof) -school friend goes by the nickname Kapishka
Lolliepop (possum on kitty's head) -school friend we'll call her Lolliepop after her oc
Choco (dog in the top corner) -again school friend call her choco
dat sneaky chair in da corner- :iconleda456:


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